Saturday, 20 October 2012

18 Things You Should Know About Genetics

Today , I was watching movie " amazing spider men " . When i was watching this movie than I relished that genetic science can change the whole world. Some peoples don't know anything about genetics . 

Even some medical student don't know much more about this genetics. but lots of work and research is need to achieve the the target . I am mechanical engineering student . So i don't have much more knowledge about this genes. but in some classes i study that In genetics of about genes.

Here, I am shearing one video about the more fundamental about the genetics. This is amazing if you want to learn about this genetics and want to change life like spider man :)

18 Things You Should Know About Genetics

In recent years knowledge of our genetic code has changed our understanding of life on Earth. New genetic technologies are transforming the way we live and promise treatments for otherwise incurable diseases. But these advances are also generating controversy, particularly surrounding issues such as cloning and designer babies. In 50 Genetics Ideas, Mark Henderson distils the central ideas of genetics in a series of clear and concise essays. Beginning with the theory of evolution, and covering such topics as the genome and how nature and nurture work together, he not only illuminates the role of genes in shaping our behaviour and sexuality, but also the very latest, cutting-edge developments in gene therapy and artificial life

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